Parkway School District


Our relationship with Parkway started in the early 1990s and has expanded continually since then.  We now control 33 buildings for them, including almost every piece of HVAC equipment, all integrated into a single WebCTRL system.

We have integrated many pieces of equipment including Trane, York, Mammoth and McQuay units.  Recently, we installed a SchoolDude event scheduling integration.  Parkway is able to input school events into SchoolDude, and WebCTRL automatically adjusts HVAC schedules to heat or cool the correct rooms for these events.

Building Automation Systems (BAS) reduces energy consumption, enhances the comfort of building occupants, and helps identify potential maintenance concerns before they become major issues.

The BAS systems installed by Automatic Controls are built on the open system platform of WebCTRL from Automated Logic, allowing the system to work with legacy or new facility components. Systems from ACES provide secure remote access, custom graphical interfaces, and open Bacnet protocol, providing full control over HVAC and other mechanical systems of your facility.

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