Building Automation

Powering the Future of Intelligent Buildings: Today and Tomorrow

At Automatic Controls Equipment Systems, we have been proudly serving as an authorized dealer of Automated Logic building automation systems for over 30 years. Our commitment to this partnership stems from our belief that Automated Logic offers the most intuitive and advanced system available in the market.

As an independent dealer, we combine the power of Automated Logic’s industry-leading technology with our localized on-the-ground support.

This ensures that you receive the best of both worlds – cutting-edge solutions backed by a dedicated team that understands your unique needs.

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Effortless Building Control and Informed Decision-Making with WebCTRL®

Our powerful web-based platform seamlessly integrates data points onto an interactive user interface, making it easy to review and report information.

With this system, you can control a single building or multiple buildings from anywhere, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Explore the Powerful Features of WebCTRL®

With an array of advanced features, WebCTRL® empowers you to optimize energy efficiency, streamline operations, and enhance occupant comfort. From intuitive graphical controls to fault detection and diagnostics, our comprehensive suite of features ensures that you have complete control over your building’s environment.

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Manage Control Logic with WebCTRL®

WebCTRL® provides the industry’s most advanced graphical programming tool. With just a click of a button, you can effortlessly build complex algorithms, diagnose issues, and evaluate the performance of control sequences using real-time or simulated operational data. Our intuitive graphical programming makes control sequences easy to understand and modify.

We offer a library of pre-engineered solutions and advanced control algorithms, which can be easily customized to fit your building’s systems. This ensures precise energy management, control, and comfort, tailored specifically to your needs.

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Simplify Energy Management with Hierarchical & Group Scheduling

Effortlessly manage energy usage with flexibility using our customized, graphically displayed schedules. Whether it’s for buildings, floors, zones, or equipment groups, our hierarchical and group scheduling feature allows you to easily control and optimize energy consumption with ease.

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Efficiently Track and Analyze Utility Consumption

With the WebCTRL® system, you can easily manage utility consumption by tracking data and usage habits. Our energy benchmarking, logging, and usage reports feature allows you to compare demand and current usage with previous periods, providing valuable insights into your utility usage patterns.

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Analyze Building Data with Logging and Advanced Reporting

Experience the power of visualized data with our logging and advanced reporting feature. We bring your building data to life through various graphs, reports, and dashboards, making it easy to absorb and understand. Apply calculations to the data to generate fresh insights, and with just a simple keystroke, export reports and graphs for further analysis and sharing.

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Simplify Alarm Management with Logical Alarming

Our logical alarming feature ensures that viewing and managing alarm conditions for fire, security, HVAC, lighting, maintenance, and more is effortless. Alarms are represented graphically and can be easily sorted by importance, source, or type, allowing for efficient and effective alarm prioritization and response.

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Easily Analyze Trends and Equipment Performance with Trending & Scatter Plots

With our trending and scatter plots feature, you can effortlessly track and analyze physical parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, dew point, CFM, and pressure. These parameters are securely stored in the system and can be exported in tabular or graphical displays for easy analysis. Our scatter plots provide diagnostic perspectives and insights into major equipment performance, allowing you to assess current efficiency and load compared to expectations.

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Streamline Building Operations with Graphical Controls

The WebCTRL® system provides our users with efficiency and productivity through a streamlined interface. This interface combines data into powerful visualizations that are easy to understand, offering maximum flexibility for operators. As a result, managing building operations becomes simplified, leading to increased occupant comfort and enhanced efficiencies.

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Instantly Understand Building Conditions with Thermographic Floor Plans

Our thermographic floor plans provide a visual representation of building and zone conditions in real-time. Instead of displaying numerical set points and calculations, our system interprets the data and presents the results in color-coded floor plans. This intuitive display makes it easy to understand and take action based on the information provided.

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Detect and Diagnose Faults with WebCTRL®

With the Automated Logic Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) library in the WebCTRL® system, you can easily pinpoint over 100 proven faults in typical HVAC equipment. This includes VAV systems, air handlers, fan coils, unit ventilators, water and air-source heat pumps. Our advanced FDD feature ensures that faults are quickly identified, allowing for prompt troubleshooting and resolution.

Experience the future of building automation with WebCTRL® and unlock the full potential of your building.

Transform Your Building with Automatic Controls

When it comes to creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment in your building, Automatic Controls is the partner you can trust. Our intuitive Building Automation System is designed with your needs in mind.

HVAC Control Made Simple

Our WebCTRL® system simplifies HVAC control, revolutionizing how you manage heating, cooling, and ventilation. With real-time monitoring and user-friendly thermographic floor plans, you can easily review temperatures and enhance occupant comfort while optimizing energy usage.

With our expert Automatic Controls team, you'll be able to optimize schedules, remotely monitor HVAC usage, compare data, reduce complaints, and troubleshoot system issues.

Take control of your HVAC system and unlock its full potential with our innovative solutions.

Lighting Control

Lighting systems are a significant energy consumer in buildings, second only to HVAC systems. With Automatic Controls' lighting control solution, you can maximize energy savings by harnessing available daylighting.

Our seamless integration with WebCTRL® allows easy access to your building system, simplifying energy monitoring and saving you time and money. Our solution also delivers automatic control of lighting to create a desirable ambiance for occupants while reducing costs on light bulbs.

You can remotely access and manage your lighting system from a single platform, WebCTRL®.

System Integration

Our system integration solution brings together multiple providers and systems into a single, user-friendly web-based portal, offering a comprehensive automation system for your building.

Our integrations cover a wide range of systems, including environmental, energy, security, safety, refrigeration, and other mechanical systems. The WebCTRL® system, powered by Automated Logic controllers, utilizes open protocols and is fully certified by the BACnet® Testing Laboratory (BTL).

This certification guarantees that our building automation systems meet interoperability standards, providing flexibility for customizing your system integration.

Energy Management

We regularly collaborate with Ameren, Energy Star, and USGBC to provide a greener, more efficient future, while we expand your savings through utility rebates and green construction.

We can also provide retro-commissioning reports, detailing optimal times to replace building systems.

Backward Compatibility

Technology advances rapidly in all industries, and building automation systems are no exception. The backward compatibility of our system means that you won’t be required to replace hardware in order to continue to reap the benefits of our solutions in the future.

Your system - upgraded on your timeline.

Customer Support

We are committed to fully supporting our customers during project construction and after completion. We pride ourselves on prompt and comprehensive response to problems and proactive maintenance.

We have your back with 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

Modern Challenges. Solved with Intelligent Solutions. Meet Abound.

Abound is a digital platform and suite of solutions that provides a single, integrated view of data across your building portfolio – so you can make intelligent business decisions. Abound uses advanced technologies that empower customers to maximize the potential
of their buildings and achieve positive outcomes related to health and well-being,
improved asset management, sustainability, and safety and security

Optimize indoor spaces to achieve positive human health, comfort and productivity outcomes through offerings focused on indoor air quality, occupant density, and more.

Reduce total cost of ownership by enabling smarter, more predictive services by using data to optimize equipment health and performance.

Achieve sustainability objectives and ESG goals through improved visibility, tracking, managing and reporting of factors including energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

Improve safety and security of indoor spaces while enabling more seamless experiences for occupants and simpler, more efficient lifecycle maintenance of security systems for owners and operators.