Higher Education: How We Helped Saint Louis University

In 2019, St. Louis University (SLU) decided to expand the building automation system infrastructure on the Saint Louis University North Campus to improve the controllability and energy efficiency of the campus’s HVAC systems and equipment.

After a competitive evaluation process, Automatic Controls Equipment Systems Inc. (ACES) was selected to begin retrofitting the controls of a few campus buildings, which allowed them to show the university a superior building automation system and provide great service and training.

This was the beginning of many successful projects completed on the SLU campus since 2019.

In collaboration with SLU, ACES has utilized their front-end WebCTRL building automation technology and cloud-based energy monitoring software to provide detailed analytics about the buildings’ performance and efficiency.

This allows SLU to identify areas where energy consumption can be reduced, leading to cost savings and improved sustainability.

The selection of ACES and Automated Logic by SLU is a testament to their reputation for service and quality.

WebCTRL has provided SLU with a reliable and energy efficient solution that has exceeded their expectations.

The use of open BACnet standards and cloud-based energy monitoring software has enabled SLU to take advantage of the latest technology and stay at the forefront of building automation.

Higher Education

Universities and colleges need to manage and control energy consumption, maintain optimal comfort levels, and ensure the safety and security of their campuses.

Inefficient energy usage, discomfort for students and staff, and inadequate security measures can result in increased operational costs, reduced productivity, and compromised safety.

Our energy solutions offer a comprehensive solution by integrating various systems such as HVAC, lighting, access control, and energy management.

This allows higher education institutions to centrally monitor and control their campus operations, optimize energy usage, and enhance comfort and safety for students and staff.