Data Centers: How We Helped Elevance

Elevance, a leading healthcare company (formerly known as Anthem), initially partnered with Automated Controls Equipment Systems Inc. (ACES) to implement an energy monitoring system in their 33,000 square foot St. Louis data center.

This successful collaboration blossomed into a much broader relationship.

Today, ACES provides comprehensive energy monitoring and full building controls across over 50 of Elevance's buildings nationwide.

A centralized web platform empowers Elevance to access, monitor, and control all equipment from a single location.

ACES’ role extends beyond initial implementation. They function as a dedicated partner, collaborating seamlessly with local contractors for system installation and maintenance across all facilities. Their integrated solutions encompass a wide range of functionalities:

  • HVAC equipment monitoring
  • Electrical and power monitoring
  • Temperature control
  • Critical area notification systems

This comprehensive approach has empowered Elevance to significantly enhance their operational efficiency:

  • Streamlined Operations: Manage over 50 buildings from one central location.
  • Optimized Energy Usage: Gain insights and control over energy consumption.
  • Employee Comfort: Ensure optimal temperature control throughout their facilities.

While the initial focus was on a single data center, ACES’ understanding of Elevance’s operations ensured efficient development of standard sequences for future projects.

This not only guaranteed system stability and reliable results but also facilitated a smooth handover for ongoing management.

This long-standing partnership exemplifies how ACES’ expertise and adaptability contribute to Elevance’s success. By prioritizing efficiency and employee comfort across a vast network of facilities, ACES empowers Elevance to focus on their core mission within the healthcare industry.

This combined version removes redundancies, clarifies the timeline, and emphasizes the ongoing success of the partnership.

Data Centers

Data centers require precise temperature and humidity control to ensure their equipment's optimal performance and reliability.

They must also monitor and manage power usage to minimize costs and prevent downtime.

Inadequate environmental control and inefficient energy management can lead to equipment failure, increased energy expenses, and potential data loss.

Our energy solutions offer advanced environmental monitoring and control capabilities, enabling data centers to maintain ideal conditions for their equipment.

It also provides real-time power monitoring and management features to optimize energy usage and prevent costly downtime.