Healthcare: How We Helped Mercy Hospital

Mercy's collaboration with Automatic Controls Equipment Systems Inc. (ACES) spans back to 1996, predating the acquisition of St. Anthony's Hospital in 2018.

At Mercy South, the core hospital and eight satellite buildings rely on the Automated Logic Building Automation System (BAS) for central control. This successful partnership has led to the expansion of the ALC system to six additional hospitals and facilities across eastern Missouri.

The ALC system acts as the nerve center, managing and monitoring all critical systems within Mercy's facilities.

From the central chiller/boiler plant to operating rooms, patient rooms, and IT areas, ALC with WebCTRL technology ensures optimal efficiency, comfort, and reliability.

Through ACES’ expertise and technological advancements, Mercy is continuously modernizing its infrastructure to provide the best possible environment for patients and staff.

The implementation of ALC goes beyond centralized control. Mercy has seen significant improvements in energy efficiency thanks to the system’s ability to optimize HVAC operations and identify areas for potential savings.

Additionally, ALC’s real-time monitoring capabilities allow for proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime and ensuring the smooth operation of critical equipment. This translates to cost savings for Mercy and a more reliable environment for patient care.

The success of this partnership lies not only in the technology itself but also in the collaborative approach between ACES and Mercy.

ACES’ dedicated team works closely with Mercy’s staff to understand their specific needs and tailor solutions accordingly. This ongoing collaboration ensures that Mercy leverages the latest advancements in building automation technology to continuously improve operational efficiency, patient comfort, and overall facility management.

ACES' commitment extends beyond system installation.

Their comprehensive training programs equip Mercy’s staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively operate and maintain the ALC system. This empowers Mercy’s team to optimize system performance, troubleshoot minor issues, and maximize the long-term value of their investment.

By ensuring staff proficiency, ACES and Mercy work together to ensure the continued success of the ALC implementation.


Healthcare facilities require strict control over indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity levels to ensure the comfort and well-being of patients and staff.

They must also comply with regulatory requirements and maintain a safe and secure environment.

Inadequate environmental control and security measures can compromise patient health, increase the risk of infection, and result in regulatory non-compliance.

Our energy solutions provide comprehensive environmental control features, including precise temperature and humidity regulation, air quality monitoring, and access control.

This helps healthcare facilities maintain a safe, comfortable, and compliant environment for patients and staff.