K-12: How We Helped Rockwood School District

Since 2005, Automatic Controls Equipment Systems Inc. (ACES) has been a trusted partner of the Rockwood School District (RSD), providing innovative solutions for their HVAC and energy management needs.

Over the years, their collaboration has resulted in significant advancements in building automation, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort across RSD’s facilities.

Automatic Controls has integrated approximately 90% of Rockwood's existing HVAC equipment into their WebCTRL® system.

The WebCTRL® software is a powerful web-based platform that provides facility managers with the tools they need to keep occupants comfortable, manage energy conservation, identify operational problems, and analyze the results.

This integration extends beyond mere control; it encompasses energy monitoring and tracking functionalities, allowing RSD to optimize energy usage while maintaining peak indoor environments.

Along with HVAC control, ACES integrated FMX facility management software system into WebCTRL®.

This technology enables Rockwood to improve school scheduling by automating HVAC equipment control based on their event schedule. This integration ensures efficient energy management tailored to RSD’s specific needs and usage patterns.

Automatic Controls building automation systems are built on the open system platform of WebCTRL® from Automated Logic.

With secure remote access, custom graphical interfaces, and open BACnet protocol, RSD gains full control over their HVAC and mechanical systems, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

With WebCTRL installed in 33 buildings, RSD has chosen to further enhance their facilities by utilizing ESSER funds to upgrade Alerton and Trane systems in 12 schools.

This strategic move will not only improve air quality, comfort, and energy usage but also aligns with RSD’s commitment to providing a conducive learning environment for its students.

To support RSD's initiative towards energy efficiency, the district stands to receive $400k+ in Ameren incentives.

This financial support underscores the mutual commitment towards sustainability and responsible energy management.

Automatic Controls’ longstanding partnership with Rockwood School District exemplifies their dedication to providing comprehensive, tailored solutions that optimize building performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.

With ongoing upgrades and strategic initiatives, ACES looks forward to continuing their journey towards creating smarter, more sustainable educational environments for RSD and beyond.

K-12 School Districts

K-12 school districts face challenges in managing energy consumption, maintaining comfortable learning environments, and ensuring the safety and security of their facilities.

Inefficient energy usage, discomfort for students and staff, and inadequate security measures can lead to increased operational costs, reduced learning outcomes, and compromised safety.

Our energy solutions provide K-12 school districts with centralized control and monitoring capabilities for various systems, including HVAC, lighting, access control, and security.

This enables efficient energy management, optimal learning environments, and enhanced safety measures to support student success.