ACES Customers Empowered With Easy Access and Control


“Teach a man to fish…” empowers ACES customers

More than 96% of respondents to a recent ACES customer satisfaction survey said that “Training,” “Technical Support” and “Field Staff” either “fully met” or “exceeded” expectations. Clearly these customers are empowered.

“It’s great to see customers are pleased with our efforts,” said ACES President Justin Vogt, “but we find the happiest customers are the ones who are doing at least some level of system maintenance and troubleshooting on their own.”

Far from shirking or passing off the work to customers, ACES has built a loyal customer base with programs and technology assets that empower customers to use in-house resources and skill sets to fully optimize their BAS.

ACES sales and service team members have heard this comment or similar from many customers who have used competing BAS providers: “I couldn’t even replace a sensor in the system because they wouldn’t allow it. It’s like they have it under lock and key.”

“We do things differently,” said Vogt. “Customer service is part of our legacy. It’s in our DNA. But, unlike many of our competitors, it’s not a significant revenue stream for us. That’s why we don’t charge customers for our training classes. We want to empower our customers to optimize their systems and rely less on our intervention.”

For customers who prefer to be less hands-on, ACES is ready to help. “We provide a spectrum of service and support options,” added Vogt. “From being on site to help customers through the system launch, ramp-up and beyond, to just being available by phone, email or text to help with a unique challenge years after the installation.”

The most common types of BAS work that ACES customers are doing on their own today include:

  • Fine tuning their systems
  • Discovering system trending insights
  • Scheduling
  • Determining and establishing optimal set points
  • Using the alarm system

Initial training is key to getting customers to a point where they can confidently operate, monitor and troubleshoot the system. ACES offers three levels of hands-on training at their dedicated classroom located at ACES’ St. Louis area headquarters, an easy drive away from any customers in ACES’ service area.

“Ultimately, customers want to be empowered to control of their system,” said Vogt. “Our emphasis on empowerment and transparency is a tremendous benefit to them.”

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March 17, 2020
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