ACES TRAINING GROWS IN NEW SPACE – Free for customers; 3 course levels


When ACES moved to its new 15,000 sq. ft facility in September, it offered all company functions an opportunity to re-invent and upgrade their respective spaces: from engineering, to inventory, to communal spaces.

One such function was the ACES training program, which provides building managers with the skills necessary to use WebCTRL to operate facilities with precision and efficiency. ACES training courses have been offered since 2003, and still today are free of charge for customers. To date, more than 500 students have graduated from the courses.

“WebCTRL is easy to use because it’s very intuitive. But often our customers want a little help with getting started or may want to dive deeper into the system’s broader capabilities,” said ACES President Justin Vogt. “We have a lot of time-tested approaches in our training program, including subject matters covered and how they’re taught. We didn’t want to completely start over in our new space. We wanted to stick with what’s worked and make the space more conducive to learning.”

ACES new training area retains the dedicated classroom and hands-on workstations from the previous building, while adding more space in the classroom, improved digital displays and a dedicated break room/kitchen area for the students.

The training classroom is located at ACES St. Louis area headquarters, an easy drive away from any customers in ACES’ service area. For students who prefer to not do a daily commute for the three-day, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm sessions, nearby lodging is available.

Dedicated trainer Dave Walsh has been a part of the Automated Logic training team since 1997 and has invested countless hours into refining the training process and determining new ways to educate attendees. Dave’s training style is interactive and engaging; not solely lecture based. Students learn through a lot of hands-on experiences and hypotheticals. Breaks are provided throughout the class day, with meals and snacks included.

ACES offers three levels of training:

  • WebCTRL Operator Level 1 is a three-day class primarily intended for end-users of the Automated Logic WebCTRL system. Covered topics include: Overviews of the WebCTRL suite of software and ALC hardware products and the operation of a WebCTRL system.
  • ​Operator level 2 is designed for individuals to continue leaning WebCTRL and further reading of logic pages. This course is the required step into the next level course providing a path to learn how to troubleshoot their system.
  • Operator level 3 is designed for individuals to troubleshoot their WebCTRL system, using their knowledge gained from the other two course levels they will continue to build the skills necessary to identify system issues and correct them.

Students receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the courses.

For more details on training courses or to sign up for an upcoming course, visit

November 20, 2019
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