I Have a BAS Alarm, Now What?


All modern building automation systems (BAS) have alarm capabilities. Unfortunately, alarms (or faults), are probably the most misused feature in a BAS. People don’t even complain about them anymore. They just ignore them!

The problem today is that there are way too many false, obscure alarms. And, the BAS industry created alarms that were easy to implement (versus meaningful to the user). But what if your BAS was intelligent enough to not only tell you there was a problem, but actually let you know that there is going to be a problem? And, better yet, provide you guidance on what the likely causes of the problem might be? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, great news! These are all standard features of the WebCTRL® building automation system. Our Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) library helps building operators identify and respond to issues when they matter most, before they happen, by providing intelligent, guided insights into potential problems.

If you would like to learn more about the WebCTRL building automation system and our FDD capabilities, please contact your local Automated Logic field office.

March 7, 2019
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