WebCTRL Add-on BACnet Scheduling Interface

The BACnet Scheduling Interface add-on for the WebCTRL® building automation system extends the system’s scheduling capability by allowing third-party event management software to read and write BACnet schedules.  These schedules are used to control when mechanical equipment runs in the building.

This add-on provides building operators with a seamless integration to the WebCTRL system to manage occupant comfort and/or lighting systems within the facility during scheduled events.   When BACnet schedules are written using this add-on, building operators are also able to manage the schedules using the WebCTRL user interface.

Key Features and Benefits:

Allows the building automation system to be scheduled via third-party BACnet software such as:

  • SchoolDude® – Operations Management Software
  • Events2HVAC™ – Event Automation Software
  • Hospitality Scheduling Software with compliant schedules


  • WebCTRL®  v6.5 system with the latest cumulative patch applied
  • Software is configured with at least one active BACnet IP connection
  • Licensed BACnet Schedule Add-on; Part#: ADD-SCH_BACNET
  • Third-Party software must meet BACnet Protocol Revision v4 or later, including clients that support the K.3 BIBBs: SCHED-A, SCHED-AVM-A, SCHED-VM-A.

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