WebCTRL Health Monitoring is Available Now!

The first feature of IntelliSuite Analytics Solution, WebCTRL Health Monitoring is now LIVE!  

One of the first features of IntelliSuite Analytics Solution is the WebCTRL Health Monitoring application. This tool will provide insights into the health of your WebCTRL system to allow you to efficiently handle your building operations and make actionable decisions based on your operation’s data. Here is what this feature will give you to help proactively manage the health of your facilities systems: 

  • The Health of Your Building Automation: This feature provides dealers of Automated Logic insight into the health of your WebCTRL building automation system and its associate controllers. 
  • Customer Reports: Our team can share insights and proactive maintenance strategies to improve the performance of your WebCTRL. The reports can also extend the life of your system. 
  • Real-Time Data: Do not get caught off guard by a problem in your system. With a complete picture of your system’s health given to you in real-time, get proactive in your building automation system’s upkeep. 

IntelliSuite powerful toolset includes insights into your:

WebCTRL Server

  • Online status/availability
  • CPU and memory usage
  • Java Container Health: Memory usage patterns and allocation to overall server resources

ALC Controllers

  • Memory usage: Controller flash and database utilization
  • Critical errors: Controller and watchdog errors
  • Network communications health: Transmit and receive patterns and identification of controllers that may be causing errors

System Inventory

  • WebCTRL software version
  • Controller driver versions
  • Controller upgrade requirements

Physical Security 

Security starts with physical infrastructure. The CORTIX IoT platform is hosted in a Tier III data center by Microsoft® Azure™. This enables a solution that is stable, secure, and scalable. Azure has obtained a number of certification reports, including SOC1 under both SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 standards, ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, FIS and HIPPA. 

Network Security 

Powered by the industry-leading advanced artificial intelligence platform CORTIX IoT, IntelliSuite provides actionable insights to help facility managers prioritize tasks and minimize downtime. The CORTIX IoT platform requires encrypted communication using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), allowing customers to have the highest confidence that their communications are confidential.

Be Proactive 

Mass amounts of raw data from your building automation elements can be overwhelming and time-consuming to analyze. IntelliSuite’s WebCTRL Health Monitoring helps you efficiently handle your building operations and make your operations data actionable. Proactive maintenance, operational efficiency, and optimization are all ways that you can save time, costs, and headaches when running your facility.

“The actionable insights report from the WebCTRL Health Monitoring application informed us that a customer’s WebCTRL application utilization was above the critical limit of 90% and that a critical controller’s flash memory utilization was full. These two issues could have caused data loss and poor system performance, but we were able to correct them proactively based on the insights provided.” Paul Lane, Account Manager for Automatic Controls Equipment Systems.

Connect with an ACES team member today to optimize your building performance with IntelliSuite Analytics Solution’s WebCTRL Health Monitoring feature, call 314.722.2727, or schedule a system demo through our website.


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